Tentative Conference Schedule

Monday, 14.09 Tuesday, 15.09 Wednesday, 16.09 Thursday, 17.09

Invited Talk Invited Talk Invited Talk

Markus Lohrey Jean Néraud Jörg Endrullis
Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
Contributed Talks Contributed Talks Contributed Talks

(3 x 30 minutes)
Counting and periodicity
(3 x 30 minutes)
Pictures and sets
(3 x 30 minutes)

12:00  Registration and Snack
Opening (13:45)
Lunch Lunch Lunch

14:00  Invited Talk Invited Talk Excursion Invited Talk

Dominique Perrin Thomas Stoll Michaël Rao
15:00  Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
15:30  Contributed Talks Contributed Talks Contributed Talks

(3 x 30 minutes)
Sequences 1
(3 x 30 minutes)
Sequences 2
(3 x 30 minutes)

17:00  Open Problems


Conference Dinner

Invited Talks

1. Dominique Perrin - Codes and Automata in Minimal Sets
2. Markus Lohrey - Equality Testing of Compressed Strings
3. Thomas Stoll - Thue–Morse Along Two Polynomial Subsequences
4. Jean Néraud - On the Contribution of WORDS to the Field of Combinatorics on Words
5. Jörg Endrullis - Degrees of Transducibility
6. Michaël Rao - Decidability of Abelian-Power-Freeness and Generalizations

1st Session - Morphisms

1. Sergei V. Avgustinovich, Anna Frid and Svetlana Puzynina - Canonical representatives of morphic permutations
2. Joel Day and Daniel Reidenbach - Ambiguity of Morphisms in a Free Group
3. Štěpán Starosta and Vojtěch Veselý - Factor complexity of letter-to-letter images of Arnoux-Rauzy words

2nd Session - Algorithms

1. Carl Barton and Solon Pissis - Linear-Time Computation of Prefix Table for Weighted Strings
2. Florin Manea and Marius Dumitran - Prefix-Suffix Square Completion
3. Dominik Köppl and Tomohiro I - Arithmetics on Suffix Arrays of Fibonacci Words

3rd Session - Sequences 1

1. Joerg Endrullis, Clemens Grabmayer, Dimitri Hendriks and Hans Zantema - The Degree of Squares is an Atom
2. Olga G. Parshina - On Arithmetic Progressions in Generalized Thue-Morse Word
3. Steve Huntsman and Arman Rezaee - De Bruijn entropy and string similarity

4th Session - Counting and periodicity

1. Florin Manea and Shinnosuke Seki - Square-density increasing mappings
2. Gabriele Fici and Filippo Mignosi - Words with the Maximum Number of Abelian Squares
3. Lubomira Dvorakova and Josef Florian - Periodicity of Generalized Pseudostandard Words

5th Session - Pictures and sets

1. José Eduardo Blažek - New formulas for Dyck paths in a rectangle
2. Nicolas Bacquey - Primitive roots of bi-periodic infinite pictures
3. Dominique Perrin, Valerie Berthe, Clelia De Felice, Vincent Delecroix, Francesco Dolce, Julien Leroy, Christophe Reutenauer and Giuseppina Rindone - Specular sets

6th Session - Sequences 2

1. Hamoon Mousavi and Jeffrey Shallit - Mechanical Proofs of Properties of the Tribonacci Word
2. Jarkko Peltomäki and Markus Whiteland - A Square Root Map on Sturmian Words
3. Elena Petrova and Arseny Shur - On The Tree of Ternary Square-Free Words